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MADE WITH NATURAL OILS 100% Essential Oils From Mother Nature

There are enough toxins and free radicals in our everyday environment, in the air we breath, in the food we digest and the plethora of plastics in which most products are wrapped or contained. When it comes to keeping our bodies healthy OZZIE THERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS believe in looking to Nature. "Our mission is to bring the public a range of natural products which are safe to use while being highly effective and proven to work in the arenas for which they have been developed."


<span class="light">ALL</span> NATURAL

All our products contain essential oils (derived from plants) and medicinal quality clays. They do not contain synthetic toxic chemicals such as DEET [Read More]


<span class="light">ALL</span> AUSSIE

Ozzie Therapeutic Products is an Australian owned company with it's products proudly manufactured here in Australia, using local ingredients where possible.


<span class="light">TARGETED</span> & EFFECTIVE

These highly effective products are designed to specifically target the insects for which they are intended. [Read More]

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