Top 7 Tips to Avoid Mozzies This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, meaning early mornings and late nights spent outside in the balmy heat. That also means, the mozzies will be out to find their next feast! With diseases like Zika virus and Ross River virus becoming more prevalent in Australia, it’s important we take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe. To help you, we’ve put together a list of tips to ensure you and your family can have an enjoyable summer without the hassle of mosquitos and nasty viruses.


1. Cover up by wearing light coloured clothing

Experts say, mosquitos are attracted to dark colours so while lighter coloured clothing won’t repel them completely, you have less of a chance of being targeted by them. Additionally, by covering your skin, mozzies have less area to target.


2. Avoid stinky cheese!

As silly as it sounds, it is thought the bloodsuckers are attracted to smelly odours. By ensuring you’re clean and not consuming smelly foods (or if you really love a good blue cheese, try to indulge after dusk!) you can make yourself less attractive to the critters.


3. Apply all natural mosquito repellent: Ozzie Mozzie

For centuries, people have been using natural plant based oils, such as lavender and eucalyptus oil to repel mosquitoes and other insects. Mozzies can’t stand the strong smell of these oils and avoid at all costs!  Ozzie Mozzie contains a blend of natural essential oils, which are DEET and chemical free and also help to sooth the itch if you have forgotten to spray.




4. Sleep with a mosquito net over your bed

Mosquito nets have fine holes that allow breezes to pass through but keep the mozzies and other biting insects out. Not only do they look romantic, they also help to provide a bite free sleep.


5. Keep the air circulated

Mosquitos aren’t strong fliers, hence why they are most active in the morning and evening when there is less wind. With the use of fans, you can keep the air circulated to avoid getting bitten by a mozzie.


6. Avoid standing water

Standing water like backyard ponds, water features, lakes, stagnant creeks, bogs, marshes and swamp are mosquito havens, especially during hot months. Most mosquitos tend to lay their eggs in stagnant water as well, so stay away to reduce your risk of encountering mosquitos or make sure garden water features are kept flowing.


7. Keep cool

When in a hot and humid climate it’s important to avoid getting too hot. Mosquitos are also thought to be attracted to warm bodies; so staying cool is one way to avoid bites. Also avoid excessive exercise when possible because you will not only be radiating heat, but it will also cause you to breathe heavily. When you exhale you release carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitos, even at relatively long distances.

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