About Ozzie Therapeutic Products

My wife and I have been in the Health business for most of our working lives. One of the roles in our business involved the detoxing people’s bodies from harmful substances that we are all exposed to and ingest in our everyday lives.

So being a Mozzie Magnet myself, I dreaded spraying my skin (the body’s largest and most absorbent organ) with the insect repellents marketed by the well-known brands which contain synthetic chemicals and toxins, such as DEET. [Read More]

Knowing that our skin is the body’s largest and most absorbent organ, anything that it comes in contact with, such as insect repellents, is like feeding that substance to thousands of mouths which in turn is absorbed into our bloodstream and transported to all our vital organs, so why willingly spray our bodies with poisons?

Finding a Solution

We used essential oils in part of the detoxifying process and consequently I decided to experiment in combining some of these essential oils to produce an effective, safe and all natural pleasant repellent. I’m glad to say we succeeded, and our family, friends and clients have been using this product for a number of years now. When doing health retreats in Bali, our clients used what we now call “OZZIE MOZZIE” with great success.


Consequently the repeated requests for “OZZIE MOZZIE” prompted us to produce it on a commercial basis and we are pleased to be able to offer it to you. Feedback from the public has been encouraging and we would appreciate yours in an endeavour to improve the quality and acceptance of our products. We use only 100% pure essential oils, the majority of which are manufactured in Australia.

Not only is OZZIE MOZZIE highly effective against mosquitoes it also works well against other biting blood suckers such as; midges, no seeums, sand flies, ticks and march flies. Following the success of Ozzie MozzieOzzie Fly Repellent was developed to combat the annoying, distract and potentially dangerous fly. [Read More]