Ozzie Cold & Flu Relief

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For the temporary relief of sore throat, nasal & chest congestion associated with cold & flu.

  • Reduces congestion
  • Reduces blocked nasal passages
  • Eases throat soreness
  • Great for whole family

Made in Western Australia


NOBODY LIKES GETTING A COLD OR THE FLU…sore throat, chest congestion, blocked nasal and sinus passage makes us downright miserable!

Ozzie Cold & Flu relief oil is a blend of essential oils specifically formulated to give you temporary relief from the symptoms of cold & flu such as:

  • Congestion
  • Blocked Nasal passages
  • Sore throat

Great to use for the whole family!

OZZIE COLD & FLU RELIEF OIL. Pump the spray 2-3 times onto the neck and chest areas. Gently massage into skin to almost feel immediate relief from nasal congestion.

1 review for Ozzie Cold & Flu Relief

  1. Lani Gidley

    A couple of years ago, our (then) 15month old had a bad cold and his nose had been like a tap, running clear snot EVERYWHERE for days 🙁

    Nothing from the chemist or health food shop had helped and I was running out of options. My friend gave me a little sample/trial sized bottle of the Ozzie Cold & Flu Relief to try on my son.

    Because he was, technically, still a baby and the oils in the spray are pure/concentrated, I was told to spray a couple of sprays onto one foot and then rub his two feet together (to rub it in a bit) and then put socks on him. Within minutes of using it, his nose stopped running and dripping everywhere.

    I told my husband (who thought that I was exaggerating about how fast it worked), and the next day I showed him. He timed it and, for us, it was literally three minutes from using the spray, to our little man having a dry nose.

    Everyone in our house now uses it, even my 73yo father who was a loyal Vicks user converted (after he ran out of his stuff and had to use mine- and he realized that the Ozzie spray worked faster and lasted longer)

    The tiny little sample bottle that I was given by my friend lasted for the whole first winter, even with all of us using it.

    We are now almost two-thirds the way through our first real bottle, and I’m confident that it will get us through until this summer- So that one bottle will have lasted five people (inc a toddler, a teenager and a senior with emphysema) through all of the yukky colds that came along over two winters and a Summer.

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