Ozzie Fly Repellent

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Ozzie Fly Repellent is a combination of essential oils blended in a naturally-based plant moisturiser, to ensure happy, fly free days in the great outdoors.

  • DEET Free
  • Moisturises skin
  • Synthetic Chemical Free

Made in Western Australia

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Australian’s are renowned for the “Aussie Salute”. This is the practice of waving one’s hands in front of the face at regular intervals to prevent flies from landing on it, or entering the nose, mouth or eyes.

The flies are attracted to bodily fluids such as sweat, nasal mucus, saliva or blood.

Not Only Annoying but Dangerous
The common house fly and bush fly are not just annoying to the point of distraction, these pests can carry any number of serious diseases. They are generally bred in animal manure or decaying matter and transmit diseases including;

  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Viral Hepatitis, and more…

via its hairs, mouthparts, vomit and faeces. So it’s important to keep these little critters off your body.

The ESSENTIAL OILS used in OZZIE FLY REPELLENT include Rosemary and Cedarwood. These are proven Natural Repellents and have a pleasant fragrance.

OZZIE FLY REPELLENT is for use during daylight hours, as this is when flies are active and they rest at night. OZZIE MOZZIE REPELLENT is for use from dusk ’til dawn.



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